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Help Revive A Teen

Rise Above Defeat needs your help!!


We are now expanding and looking to help those who are in need. Our next mission is to Help Revive a Teen. Rise Above Defeat will be providing assistance to teen girls who have been victims of human sex trafficking and who are now in need of intensive therapy, rehabilitation, and reintegration into society. We would like to provide a safe and healthy home environment for these teens to live while receiving intensive therapy, inner healing and trauma care. Rise above defeat is a non-profit organization 501c3 tax deductible and we are turning to you for help. It takes a village to raise a child and the world to pull together to help revive one.

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Become A Monthly Partner!!

Rise Above Defeat is looking to raise close to 20,000 in the next 6 to 9 months so we can get the ball rolling with our mission to Help Revive a Teen. We are looking for monthly donors/partners to sow into this mission. To sow into this cause please scan the QR code below. When you become a monthly partner, you will receive every other month email updates on our progress until the very first day of grand opening. Thank you for helping revive a teen.

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Help Revive US!

Help Revive a Teen with Rise Above Defeat

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