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Help Revive A Teen

A Call to All!
All Hands On Deck

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We are looking to open RISEE Homes. Our focus is to serve youth survivors of human trafficking and to bridge youth homelessness throughout the state. The harvest is ready, but the workers are few. We will provide assistance to youth who are in need of intensive therapy and restoration. RISEE Homes will be a safe and healthy environment for individuals to stay while receiving inner healing and trauma care. 


Our Vision...

Revive, Inner Heal, Strengthen, Encourage and Evolve

Help Revive a Teen standards are set upon providing youth with a secure and safe place to stay while receiving tools needed to Rise Above challenges. while avoiding youth homelessness RISEE Homes goal is to correct negative behavior, reverse negative thinking patterns, introduce positive grounding techniques and implement skills to help them push through and accomplish their life goals. RISEE Homes will teach and train Christ centered principles from the Holy Bible and the RISEE Restoration Program. RISEE Homes will offer a 12 to 18 month program that allow survivors in their youth time to work through trauma, began their healing journey and equip them to integrity back into society. RISEE Restoration Program provides individual and family focus services that restore hope and dignity to youth and their families who have experienced exploitation. The youth will come in to receive inner healing; which is when an individual encounters love, healing and deliverance by grounding themselve in Jesus Christ. It's not forced but happens when an individual is ready to receive, share and release their secrets and trauma. It is Help Revive a Teen responsiblity to provide a confidential and secure safe home for these youth. Help Revive a Teen will work together with other service providers and collaborative partner to make sure each youth receives proper and appropriate care.

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Become A Monthly Partner!!

Rise Above Defeat is looking to raise close to 20,000 in the next 6 to 9 months.

We are looking for monthly donors/partners to help carry out this mandate. To sow into this mission please scan the QR code below. When you become a monthly partner, you will receive every other month email updates on our progress until the very first day of grand opening. Thank you for helping revive a teen.

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Help Revive a Teen with Rise Above Defeat

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Help Revive US!
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