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About Us

Rise Above Defeat

Our Story

Rise Above Defeat derived from the desire of one person wanting to inspire and help younger individuals strengthen their personal self-image, practice self-love, and exercise respect for others and self. Rise Above Defeat has a niche for transforming negative thoughts into positive motivation that helps with rising above defeat. Rise Above Defeat originally started as life coaching services for adolescents. Rise Above Defeat Coaching was licensed as a business in July 2018 and was available for business as of January 2019. In May 2021 Rise Above Defeat became a Non-profit organization

501C3, which offers resources for individuals seeking guidance and direction in life. 

Rise Above Defeat provides Christian Life Coaching and Counseling sessions for adults and adolescents starting at age 12. Rise Above Defeat offers once a week 60-minute sessions ranging from 4 to 8 weeks depending on monthly low-cost special. Monthly low-cost specials are combined with free sessions that are listed on the website. After all scheduled sessions are finished based on the initial number of sessions agreement form, an extension payment is required by client or parent/guardian.  Rates are determined based on a sliding scale fee. Rise Above Defeat will help jump start the journey to freedom for individuals living in unhealthy cycles, depression, anxiety, and doubt about their future. Rise Above Defeat is linked with Christian Life Coaches and Counselors who come from different walks of life and now live a life of serving others by giving them tools to overcome and push forward in life. We offer our travel base Strongman Group Program to the public; this program helps identify and effectively work through past trauma. Rise Above Defeat is also great for churches, residential group homes and community resource. Rise Above Defeat holds every client's best interest as priority.

Revival is taking place!


Our Founder

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We must all use our gifts where we know they belong

I'm a natural listener, encourager, and love to challenge others to snap into their inner warrior to rise above every obstacle that comes at them. Magic happens when real problems are discussed and not hidden... and tools to help overcome them. 

Markeya McConnell

Board Members

  • Brian P, CFO
  • Portia Howard, CMO/ Event Coodinator
  • Kia Dupclay, Board
  • Elaine Miller, Board

With 13 years of experience working in the mental health field; guiding and encouraging adults in a mentally healthy lifestyle, Markeya decided to take her experience and passion for helping others to the younger generation. She became a Certified Adolescent Life Coach. She's also a Licensed Psychiatric Technician-Nurse where she gained all her experience in mental health, working in several different settings that range from behavioral modification programs, forensic mental health, home health, lockdown rehabilitation mental health centers, to a mental health FSP (Full-Service Program). She is also experienced in inner healing and trauma- informed care. Having an adolescent of her own, Markeya understands how emotional and hormonal changes can affect the minds of adolescents that sometimes requires positive mindset guidance to pull them through. She would never recommend or use a tool for your child, that she wouldn’t or hasn't used to help her own.

Our Team

Our Team
Nikki's Business Photo.png

Yavon Smith
Licensed Counselor/ Christian Life Coach

Hello, my name is Yavon Smith aka Nikki, I help individual’s inner heal from deep wounds of the past. My model is facing the past, instead of running from it. I have several techniques I use to help individuals express and work through past trauma and live a new life for today. I am a Licensed Counselor and Christian Life Coach; I aim to help individuals learn how to be in tuned with their true self. I assist individuals who are in foster care system, those who have backslidden from their desired walk-in life, and single or married mothers experiencing challenges raising a family. My specialty is highlighting the inner strength within individuals and getting them to see the greater strength that lives within them. When you come in with your issues, situations, dilemmas, whatever the case maybe, I want you to be able to enter my safe haven to share your most inner feelings and thoughts, so when you leave, you leave with a solution and awareness of how to handle situations that occur.

Tricia 2_edited.jpg

Tricia Longcrier
Christian Life Coach

My name is Tricia. I’m the proud mother of one, and grandmother of two. My life changed in a federal holding facility while standing trial on drug charges in October of 1999. I know firsthand, the challenges of overcoming substance abuse, and regaining your truest identity after being deeply wounded by unhealthy relationships. I’m a Published Author, Ghost Writer, Editor, Weight Loss Coach, and Christian Life Coach, committed to bringing people to the knowledge of the truth of how loved and truly empowered they are even when their mind and feelings say otherwise. I am above all else unashamed by what I’ve gone through, I equip individuals about the attack on their Identity and help them pinpoint the negative image they have formed about themselves in their mind. I aim to help each individual build self confidence in who they are, what they have gone through and where they are heading. Freedom from mental torment of feeling worthless is my overall focus.

My name is Tiara Cheri, I help women navigate from trauma to transformation, vitality & spiritual wellness to experience new life beyond their painful past! As a certified Self-Development Coach, Licensed Ordained Minister and Counselor, specializing in Spiritual Life and Wellness, I aim to help you create a life balance that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your authentic self. I assist my clients with finding their optimal wellness through developing a deeper understanding of their habits and lifestyle choices. It’s time to start nurturing your mind, body and spirit again.

Picture of Caprice.jpeg

Hello, my name is Caprice Purnell! I am a wife and a mother of three. Here at Rise Above Defeat my position is a Christian Life Coach. I have been counseling, coaching, advising, mentoring, and encouraging others over 20 plus years. I aim to help individuals fine tune their present and future goals by helping them highlight more precise and clear milestones. Having grown up dealing with various childhood and adult traumas, has helped me empathize and better understand those I work with. I realized past traumas have a way of blocking our true heart’s desire from happening in life. I am skilled at uncovering the layers of trauma, confusion, and mental lies of individuals. After these invisible weights are lifted from an individual shoulders, we are than able to work together to form a clearer and more practicable plan regarding short- and long-term goals. One of the main focuses during sessions with those I work with covers inner healing from past traumas. This does not happen overnight but is a process of making healthy choices and decisions. One must be willing to walk away from the past, let go and forgive!

Tiara Cheri
 Certified Self- Development Coach


Caprice Purnell
Christian Life Coach/ Marriage Coach

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