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Holistic Trauma Informed Mental Health support 


Rise Above Defeat is spearheading their EmpowerMinds project.

We are dedicated to providing holistic, trauma-informed mental health support to youth and teens who have survived exploitation or are at high risk of homelessness, substance abuse, and involvement with foster care.

Our mission is to help survivors reclaim control of their lives, foster resilience, and thrive in their communities.

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Our Approach:

  • Holistic Support: We offer comprehensive support that addresses the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of survivors.


  • Trauma-Informed Care: Our approach is rooted in understanding and responding to the effects of trauma, creating a safe and supportive environment for healing.


  • Empowerment: We empower survivors to take charge of their mental health and well-being by providing them with the tools and resources they need to advocate for themselves and others.


  • Skill Building: Through tailored programs, survivors learn coping skills, self-care practices, and resilience-building techniques to navigate life's challenges with confidence.


  • Community Engagement: We encourage survivors to actively engage in their communities, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

Our Impact:

  • Improved Well-being: By addressing mental health needs, survivors experience enhanced overall well-being and readiness to engage in their communities.


  • Independence: Equipped with the necessary skills and support, survivors gain independence and the ability to overcome future challenges autonomously.


  • Advocacy: Empowered with knowledge and understanding, survivors become advocates for their own mental health and well-being, fostering a culture of awareness and support.


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